Help us transcribe historic documents

Just looking back at this blog it’s obvious how much time we’ve spent transcribing documents from the Queensland State Archives and other repositories. At last count we are up to 17,865 documents in total, with over 6,900 of those from the QSA alone.

There’s still many more to go, however, and the good news is: now you can help us!

We’ve finally gotten our public transcription project up and running at From the Page. From the Page is crowdsourced manuscript transcription software that allows anyone to collaborate on listed projects to help transcribe primary sources.

Our project is just getting started, but has already transcribed 223 pages, all of which are then added to the ever-growing database.

If you’d like to help, it’s easy – just go to our FtP project and start transcribing!

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our Collaborators so far:

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