Kelsey Lowe

Kelsey LoweRole in the Project

Kelsey has a research specialisation in the area of archaeological geophysics , which incorporates aspects of landscape archaeology, remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS). Since her research centres on the interplay of these fields, her role in the project will be to provide this geospatial information to understand the archaeological landscape and spatial layout of the NMP camps. Specifically, I have extensive experience undertaking magnetic susceptibility, magnetometry and GPR studies on a variety of Australian archaeological site types, and these three instruments will be employed throughout the project’s duration.

Why She’s Excited About the Project

What makes Kelsey really excited about this project is that this will be the first time such an interdisciplinary integration of geospatial data will be completed in Australia. A major challenge in current archaeological applications is that we often assess sites through surface surveys, systematic subsurface testing, and when applicable test excavations. This work can often be costly (i.e. excavations) and can generally overlook the remainder of the site’s cultural landscape. It can also ignore other habitation areas or cultural attributes important to these specific sites history. Archaeological geophysical techniques approach these issues through research design and development. They can involve significant innovations in method and theory that change how we understand archaeological sites and cultural heritage by providing a detailed picture of the site’s spatial layout. Establishing systematic geophysical surveys and geodatabases for each site using geospatial technologies makes her very enthusiastic to have the opportunity to integrate and analyse a full range of information – archaeological, geophysical, GIS and environmental – for this project. This data will be extremely important in how we understand each study site and its relationship to one another.

Her Background

Kelsey has over 16 years experience in archaeology, specialising in archaeological geophysics and remote sensing, ArcGIS and geoarchaeology. Due to her unique background, she has been fortunate to be involved on a number of research projects worldwide including Australia, North and South Americas, the Mediterranean (Cyprus, Greece and Turkey), and South East Asia. Kelsey has also had the opportunity to work at the Institute for Rock Magnetism, at the University of Minnesota which has enabled her to develop a technical speciality in archaeomagnetics.


  • BA (Anthropology/Archaeology), North Dakota State University (2003)
  • MA (Anthropology/Archaeology) University of Mississippi (2005)
  • PhD (Archaeology) The University of Queensland (2014)


    • Australian Archaeological Association
    • Geological Society of America
    • International Society for Archaeological Prospection
    • Register of Professional Archaeologists
    • Society of American Archaeology
    • Southeastern Archaeological Conference


  • Lowe, K.M. 2014 Understanding Australia’s Cultural History Through Archaeological Geophysics. Unpublished PhD thesis, School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management, University of Queensland, St Lucia.
  • Lowe, K.M. 2005 Using Interdisciplinary Techniques for Investing Paleochannel Sequences at the Parchman Place Mounds in Yazoo Basin of Northwest Mississippi. Unpublished MA thesis, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Mississippi, Oxford.

Select Publications

Select Unpublished Reports

  • Lowe, K.M. and A. Fogel 2016 Boncuklu Höyük Geophysical Survey Report. Unpublished report prepared for Professor Douglas Baird, University of Liverpool and Dr Andrew Fairbairn, the University of Queensland.
  • Lowe, K.M. 2016 Ground-penetrating radar survey of Mount Gravatt Cemetery and Crematorium, MacGregor, Queensland. University of Queensland Culture and Heritage Unit. Unpublished report prepared for the Brisbane City Council.
  • Lowe, K.M. 2015 Geomorphological Investigations of Site #4583, Rio Tinto Hail Creek Mine, Queensland. Unpublished report prepared for Goolarn Goolyah.
  • Lowe, K.M. and A. Fogel 2015 Mapping Yangon’s Buried History with Archaeological Geophysics. Unpublished report prepared for Yangon Heritage Trust, Myanmar.
  • Lowe, K.M. 2015 Magnetic Susceptibility at the Mangrove Beach Headland Midden (MBHM), Lizard Island, Australia. Unpublished report prepared for Professor Sean Ulm, James Cook University.
  • Lowe, K.M. 2014 GPR survey of 43 Pullenvale Road, Pullenvale, Queensland. Unpublished report prepared for the Brisbane City Council.
  • Fogel, A.S. and K.M. Lowe. 2014 Royal Bulls Head Inn Geophysical Survey. Unpublished report prepared for Professor Bryce Barker, University of Southern Queensland.
  • Lowe, K.M. 2014 Geophysical Investigations in the Murray River Basin, New South Wales. Unpublished report prepared for Julia Cusack, The University of Queensland.
  • Lowe, K.M. and L.A. Wallis 2013 Ground Penetrating Radar Survey of Possible Aboriginal Burial Sites in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. Unpublished report prepared for Nipapanha Community Inc.

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