Leanne Bateman

leanne-batemanRole in the Project

As a PhD student on the project, Leanne will be exploring the complex interrelationship between Europeans, the NMP and the Indigenous people from around the frontier region of Boralga, near Laura on Cape York Peninsula. Through the examination of oral histories, archival material such as photographs, and particularly through material culture from archaeological excavations, it is her goal to expose some of the features which made up the settlement of Boralga and shed some light on daily activities, working conditions and hierarchical arrangements within the NMP. With the initial assistance of geophysical surveys, Leanne will examine the archaeological evidence relating to the NMP camp and surrounding features in order to provide insights into daily life and investigate the impact their presence had on shaping these early frontier communities. Previously, historic accounts regarding the Queensland NMP were regularly based on misinformation and hearsay, which over time have become accepted as fact. Her role is to provide insights from a new and different perspective into what really happened during this dramatic time of conflict and controversy.

Why She’s Excited About the Project

Leanne is looking forward to participating in this unique project because it encompasses such a professional and integrated archaeological team who will be approaching the frontier debate from an entirely new perspective. She hopes to expose some hidden aspects of Australia’s history which will ignite truthful conversation about activities and events that occurred during European occupation and the impact it had on the indigenous occupants within this area. She is also very interested in visiting this region and meeting with the local community.



  • BSc (Psychology) University of Southern Queensland (2013)
  • BA Honours (Archaeology) University of Southern Queensland (2015)


  • Australian Archaeological Association


  • Bateman, L.M. 2016 A Taphonomic Analysis of the Lithic Assemblage from Kurukuru 1, Caution Bay, Papua New Guinea. Unpublished BA(Hons) thesis, School of Arts and Communication, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba.

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