Noelene Cole

Noelene ColeRole in the Project

As one of the Chief Investigators with expertise in the northwest Queensland study area, Noelene will be involved in the reconnaissance and preliminary assessment of field sites in that study area, participating in the archaeological excavations, helping train Aboriginal field officers in archaeological techniques, and carrying out some oral history interviews. She will also contribute to the preparation of outcomes of the project.

Why She’s Excited About the Project

This is the first large scale, collaborative archaeological study of the Qld NMP. For Noelene it’s also an opportunity to extend community archaeology work in Cape York Peninsula which included projects to record Aboriginal town camps, cemeteries, station camps, NMP camps and the oral histories attached. Her previous fieldwork at Boralga NMP Camp showed the potential for further research, and led to archival research, analysing images of the police in rock art and more fieldwork with Traditional Owners. As well as identifying visible material records of the goldrush and pastoral invasions these and other projects also reveal compelling intangible records – family stories and memories of Aboriginal resistance, survival, resilience and massacres by the police. Meanwhile we are still faced with incomplete official records and unreconciled perceptions of the colonial past. This makes it particularly relevant and challenging to add an archaeological layer to investigating the NMP era and its legacy.

Her Background

Noelene has been involved in archaeological research, consulting and teaching since the 1980s. Although her main interest is Aboriginal rock art research she has also worked (in Australia and sometimes internationally), in cultural heritage conservation and management, community archaeology, oral history projects and historical and museum collections research. Her field projects of the last few years have been mainly at the request of Aboriginal corporations and ranger groups in north Queensland, particularly in Cape York Peninsula.


  • BA, University of Qld (1969)
  • BA Hons (Archaeology/Anthropology), James Cook University (1988)
    PhD (Archaeology/Anthropology), James Cook University (1998)


  • Australian Archaeological Association
  • Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
  • Australia ICOMOS (Professional Member)
  • Australian Rock Art Research Association


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  • Cole. N.A. 1988 The Rock Art of Jowalbinna. Unpublished BA(Hons) thesis, Department of Behavioural Science, James Cook University of North Queensland, Cairns.

Select Publications

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Select Unpublished Reports

  • Cole, N. 2015 Expert Review of Nomination for 2016 World Monuments Watch List. Unpublished report prepared for the World Monuments Fund and ICOMOS.
  • Cole, N. 2014 Rock art Recording and Conservation Project Marpa National Park, Princess Charlotte Bay. Unpublished report prepared for the Yintjingga Aboriginal Corporation and Lama Lama Ranger Service.
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