Uschi Artym

Role in the Project

Uschi is an Honours candidate at Flinders University. Her role in the project is to investigate the range of spatial and temporal activities represented by the archaeology at the Boulia NMP camp site and what this can tell us about the types and nature of the relationships that existed between the camp’s inhabitants. Her research will be using the material culture of the Boulia site, historical documents and oral histories to test ideas about interpersonal relationships between officers and troopers, the presence (if any) and role of women at the camp, and if rules of enforcement associated with total institutions, such as missions, military camps etc, are also present at Boulia.

Why She’s Excited about The Project

Uschi is excited about this project because she is interested in finding out about the other side of the frontier, about the things that are not or have not been written about in books and can sometimes only be found through the archaeology of a site. She is also very excited about visiting the Queensland outback to work at Boulia.


  • BArch, Flinders University of South Australia (2017)


  • Flinders University Archaeological Society
  • Flinders University Palaeontological Society
  • Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology