The Team

The project is being carried out by a team of researchers who are collaborating with Indigenous people, Indigenous organisations, museums, community organisations and individuals in order to learn more about how the Native Mounted Police of Qld functioned during the latter half of the nineteenth century. The team consists of:

Student members of our team include:

  • Leanne Bateman, PhD Candidate, University of Southern Queensland
  • Ursula Artym, Honours Candidate, Flinders University
  • Ellen Tiley, Coursework Graduate Student, Flinders University
  • Nicholas Benten, Coursework Graduate Student, Flinders University
  • Tony Pagels, Coursework Graduate Student, Flinders University

Former members of our team include:

  • Dr Kelsey Lowe, University of Southern Queensland
  • Ms Alyssa Madden, University of Southern Queensland