Bryce Barker

Role in the Project

As one of the Chief Investigators in the project Bryce’s principal role is in regard to coordinating – along with the other CIs – the project overall, and participating in the field work, supervising post-graduate students and working on publications to come out of the project.

Why He’s Excited About the Project

Bryce Barker
Bryce Barker

When Bryce first began doing his PhD research on the Aboriginal past in the Whitsunday Islands he was struck by how often he came across accounts of violence against Aboriginal people on the frontier in newspapers, official documents, diaries and letters and yet at this time it seemed to him that almost nothing was known about this publicly. Bryce did an Australian history course as part of his undergraduate degree and this was barely mentioned. His is excited by this project as it provides the opportunity to more accurately reflect what actually occurred when Europeans expanded northward into Aboriginal owned land and to bring greater awareness of the cost to Aboriginal societies for European expansion.

His Background

Bryce has a series of long standing and ongoing research projects on the central Qld coast with the Ngaro, Gia and Juru communities. He is also part of the ‘Connecting Country’ project with Monash University, University of Saviore, the University of Bordeaux (France) and the Jawoyn Association, and projects in Papua New Guinea. He has experience in historical archaeological projects on the Darling Downs in southeast Queensland. Although principally working in academia Bryce also has extensive experience in undertaking cultural heritage consultancies both in Australia and Papua New Guinea.


  • BA Hons (Archaeology/Anthropology) University of Queensland (1987)
  • PhD (Archaeology) University of Queensland (1995)


  • Australian Archaeological Association
  • Fellow Australian Anthropology Society


  • Barker, B. 1987 Narcurrer: An Analysis of the Vertebrate Faunal Assemblage. Unpublished BA(Hons), Department of Anthropology, University of Queensland, St Lucia.
  • Barker, B. 1995 The Sea People: Late Holocene Maritime Specialisation in the Whitsunday Islands, Central Queensland. Unpublished PhD thesis, Department of Anthropology, University of Queensland, St Lucia.

Select Publications

Select Unpublished Reports

  • Barker, B. 2014 A Cultural Heritage Assessment of the Proposed Gas Pipeline Access Corridor from the Head Waters of the Fly River to Lake Kutubu, Western and Southern Highlands Provinces, Papua New Guinea. Unpublished report prepared for SIMP, Brisbane.
  • Barker, B. 2013 A Cultural Heritage Assessment within the PRL03 License Area and the PRL03 Access Road at the Head Waters of the Fly River, Western Province, Papua New Guinea. Unpublished report prepared for SIMP, Brisbane.

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