Heather Burke

Heather BurkeRole in the Project

As one of the Chief Investigators in the project Heather’s principal role involves the management, coordination and synthesis of the results, as well as overseeing the historical artefact analyses, collecting oral histories and recording frontier architecture.

Why She’s Excited About the Project

Heather has wanted to do a project like this for over 30 years. For her, it all started in 1988, when she spent several months in the Selwyn Ranges recording sites and talking to traditional owners about what archaeology meant. As part of this the team had several discussions about the Native Police and their activities, including massacre sites and the importance of keeping these places alive in people’s memories.

Her Background

Heather trained at UNE, specialising in historical archaeology and the connections between architecture and the construction of social identity. She has worked across Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and South Australia on a wide range of sites, including Indigenous, Chinese and European.


  • BA Hons (Archaeology) University of New England (1987)
  • PhD (Archaeology) University of New England (1997)


  • Australian Archaeological Association
  • Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology
  • Society for Historical Archaeology


  • Burke, H.D. 1987 Quarries above Ground: Australian Historical Archaeology and the Cultural Removal of Material. Unpublished BA(Hons) thesis, Department of Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology, University of New England, Armidale.
  • Burke, H.D. 1997 Investments of Meaning: An Archaeology of Style, Social Identity, Capitalism and Ideology in a Nineteenth Century Australian Town. Unpublished PhD thesis, Department of Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology, Univeristy of New England, Armidale.

Select Publications

Select Unpublished Reports

  • Burke, H. and R. Stone 2013 Archaeological Monitoring, Old Parliament House, Adelaide. Unpublished report prepared for Mossops Construction and Interiors.
  • McKinnon, J., T.L. Carrell, H. Burke, G. Cabrera, J. Raupp, J. Mushynsky and J. Kimura 2014 A Preservation Plan for the Protection of WWII-Related Caves on Saipan, CHMI. Unpublished report prepared for the American Battlefield Protection Program, Washington DC.

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