Tony Pagels

Role in the Project

Tony Pagels at Boulia NMP camp

Tony is working on a Directed Studies project, investing the investigating the spatial relationships of ammunition artefacts at the Eyre Creek NMP site. The process will involve the identification of ammunition types, calibre, manufacturer and dating. A comparison will be made between weapons used by NMP and during the colonial period to the ammunition.  Through research of documented and oral histories identify potential camp structures and organisation and how firearm related activities may have contributed to the organisation of the site.  On a broader level, this study will provide a greater understanding of weapons used by the NMP.

Why He’s Excited About the Project

Tony thinks this project provides the opportunity to better understand the conflict and impact European settlers had on Indigenous occupants. Importantly, it provides a platform to educate people on an aspect of Australian history which has been glossed over or untold.


  • BA, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (1984)


  • Australian Archaeological Association
  • Flinders University Archaeological Society